Autism Learning Disabilities Adults Need To Understand

Autism Learning Disabilities

The Autism Research Institute, or ARI, is a huge worldwide network of parents and professionals who are concerned about the affects of this autistic disorder.

The ARI’s data banks are filled with case information and case histories on over 40,000 children with an autistic disorder from around the world. It is this Institute’s hope to be able to bring awareness to the world about these autistic disorders and to fund more research so that one day there will be a cure. In the meantime, those children are in dire need of autism support.

The founder of The Autism Research Institute was recognized internationally as an authority on autistic disorders and who also had a child with autism; Bernard Rimland, Ph.D. Doctor Rimland is the author of a prize winning book named Infantile Autism. It was because of his experiences with this disorder that he was able to help many parents world wide to understand their autistic child on a whole new level. Doctor Rimland also worked on the motion picture Rain Man as the chief technical advisor.

The Institute publishes a quarterly newsletter that covers the different advances in the world of autistic disorders. These advances include those of a biomedical nature and those that refer to education. This Institute is a non-profit organization which relies on chartable contributions from those who understand and are concerned with the needs of individuals who have autism spectrum disorders. The ARI believes that its purpose is to motivate parents and to help them find an Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment for their autistic children to cope with the situation.

While it is the hope of experts and parents that someday there will be a cure for autistic disorders, at the moment a cure is not near but there are Autism Behavioral Health Therapy options that parents can look into. The agenda for organizations, such as the Autism Research Institute, is to further educate individuals about the autistic spectrum disorders and to raise awareness on how much research is needed to find the illusive cure. Dr. Rimland believed that the lifestyles of individuals with this disorder could be improved upon and the stress on the families of the autistic patient could be lightened by learning autism behaviour management strategies through online courses.