Government Assistance for Single Parents

Being a single parent can be a challenging role to play. Single parenting is a result of one of the parents separating from the family unit, leaving the other parent to raise their child alone. In most cases, single parents can receive monthly payments from the parent who no longer lives with them, and they may also receive financial support from their families. In other cases one of the parents may have died, or abandoned their family, leaving the alternative partner to be the sole provider for their child. Should these individuals find that their financial struggles become too much to bare, they should do what they can to find out about government assistance for single parents.

Government assistance for single parents can aid less fortunate single parents in various fields. The government provides those in need with medical support, financial support, clothing, food, education grants, housing grants, and also free day care for children between the ages of three and five years old.

Funds provided by the United States government come from the taxes paid by United States citizens. Those who pay their taxes will be pleased to know then, that a portion of their paid taxes is spent on keeping their fellow Americans alive and healthy. Also, they should feel relieved to know that if they ever find themselves in a financially desperate situation, they will be able reap the same benefits.

Single parents can inquire about the benefits of government assistance for single parents by visiting their local human services office, local aid office, or their city hall. All applicants should apply according to the State in which they reside.

Forms of government assistance for single parents

The Wic Program

The Women, Infants and Children’s program was designed to provide assistance to mothers who find themselves in difficult financial situations. Nursing mothers can receive free items that will support the development of their child, if the child is younger than five years of age.

The Chip Program

The Children’s Health Insurance Program provides financial aid to single parents for their children, and these funds will be used to pay the child’s medical, dental, and optometry accounts. If you’re not a single parent yet you still want to secure the lives of your loves ones in times of distress, you can always contact a reputable health insurance provider.

Families First Temporary Assistance

This form of government assistance for single parents is concerned with the applicants needs to want to better their education, in order for them to pursue a career that will in turn provide them with an income that will support their family, without needing further financial aid. It also helps single parents to obtain living essentials. In order to receive this assistance, the single parent must be able to prove that they are currently employed. They will need to prove that their children are currently attending an educational institution. They will need to ensure that their children have been vaccinated and will need to provide proof of these vaccinations. They will also need to prove that they are attempting to gain financial support from the absent parent.

Education Aid

This is a popular form of government assistance for single parents. Single parents applying for aid toward furthering their education, such as becoming a medical office specialist, must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Loans. This application determines the eligibility of the applicant. Financial aid is given to single parents, or children, who wish to further their education at top learning platforms. The grant given is known as the Pell grant, which is a needs based grant given to less fortunate undergraduate students who have little or no income to put towards a post secondary education. From the Year 2011 to the year 2012, the Pell grant given can amount to $5.550. The United States government recognizes the need for all American citizens to have an education that will help them to work towards becoming financially stable.

Aid For Medical

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has designed a program known as the Kids Now Program. This is a form of government assistance for single parents that revolves around providing free or low cost children’s medical insurance. The funds granted for this form of assistance will depend on the single parent’s eligibility and current financial situation.

Aid For Heating And Cooling

The Department of Health and Human Services offers the benefits of this program to help with the costs of home heating, cooling, and hvac repair. Known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, this form of government assistance for single parents allows single parents, and low income families, to apply for its benefits if the energy costs in their home are too high and cannot be paid, resulting in health and safety risks. For example, residents in a home with no cooling may experience heat exhaustion, whereas residents in a home with no heating may end up with influenza or pneumonia. The use of spray foam insulation solutions at Low Energy Supermarket is also a good way to reduce the amount of heat entering in the summer. You can enhance energy savings with loft insulation by installing it professionally. You can click here for more info about it.

Housing Choice Vouchers

Housing Choice Vouchers can be granted to single parents and families earning an unsubstantial or low income. This form of aid allows for these individuals to choose, lease and even purchase safe and decent affordable privately owned rental housing. This is a highly beneficial form of government assistance for single parents, because it provides assistance to those who would usually not be able to afford housing costs.

Aid For Single Mothers

Single mothers are urged to visit their local government office to apply for financial aid, if necessary. There are various forms of

government assistance for single mothers

, and a number of programs have been suitably designed to help less fortunate single mothers to cope with the costs of living. These programs help single mothers to obtain food, shelter, clothing, education, and career advice.

Medical Aid

The Medicaid program was designed to benefit those who have no medical insurance, or inadequate medical insurance. This form of government assistance for single parents benefits single parent families with young children. Illnesses and injuries incurred by children are often unforeseen, some slip-and-fall accidents occur at home and can result in medical expenses that a single parent may not be able to afford. Medicaid can assist with the payment of these expenses, while if you think it was another fault you can always get personal injury lawyers in Hudson Valley to help you as well.

Food Stamps

In years gone by, food stamps were issued to less fortunate members of society. These food stamps came in the form of paper vouchers that could be exchanged for food. With the assistance of technology, these paper vouchers have been replaced by a plastic card that looks like a credit card that can be used to buy food. This food stamp program is known as SNAP; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Funds are granted to eligible applicants via an electronic balance transfer. This is a trusted form of government assistance for single parents which ensures nourishment for the single parent and child. When the SNAP card holder purchases food from a store, they will present the card to the till operator who will deduct the cost of the food purchased. The card can only be used to buy food, and also seeds which can be planted with the intention of growing food. It cannot be used to buy non food items, alcohol or tobacco, vitamins or any other form of medical commodity, or hot foods from the store. By designing this form of aid, the government ensures that funds given to the less fortunate are actually spent on nourishment, and not on personal items.

Head Start

This form of government assistance for single parents provides day care support for the children of single parents. This program was designed by the Administration for Children’s Services. Head Start is the largest federally funded childcare system in the country. It serves over 120.000 infants, toddlers, and young children. It is a family centered child development program for children between the ages of three and five years old. It promotes intellectual development, social development, and educational growth in children.

Federal Student Aid

This is not only a form of government assistance for single parents; it is also a form of aid to students unable to find funding to further their own educations. The Department of Education in the United States of America ensures that eligible individuals can benefit from federal financial assistance for education after high school. Single parents who found that they had to leave their studies in order to raise a child, may feel they would like to return to their studies once their child is secure. They can therefore benefit from federal student aid too.

Aid For Housing

Another form of government assistance for single parents is the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development program. It was designed to increase home ownership in the United States. It focuses on affordable housing for eligible applicants, and can even reduce rental and public housing costs. Those who wish to apply need to visit their local or state government office, in order to determine their eligibility and discuss their choice of area in which to reside.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program

This form of government assistance for single parents and less fortunate families, aids these individuals should they find themselves in emergency situations. The program ensures that these individuals will have their diets supplemented, by being provided with food at no cost.

The above forms of aid provided by the United States government will be applicable by State. Those wanting to find out more about government assistance for single parents and families with low income structures, should contact their local government office or human services office, if they wish to make enquiries.

With regards to single parents, the United States government is aware of the struggles that many single parents face. They believe that secure citizens will result in a secure nation, where everybody is provided for and given aid with the intention of helping them to eventually provide for themselves. Government assistance for single parents is therefore extensive, and most applicants end up benefiting from single parent grants and programs offered.

In conclusion, if you are a single parent and you are struggling to meet the financial demands of being a single parent, you should take time to consider the fact that the United States government not only provides government assistance for single parents, it provides a number of grants to individuals who need financial aid in specific areas. If the income you earn at the moment is not providing for you and your child, why not consider the number of avenues available to those wanting financial success in their future.

It is said that you need money in order to earn money, this is a fact. What is it that you want to do with the rest of your life? What do you have planned for your child’s future? If you are less fortunate financially, but still have a creative spirit, are you aware that there are government grants for artists available from the Federal and State governments? If you live on a farm, are you aware that the United States government provides grants to those who wish to use their farms as a source of profit, by farming vegetables or livestock for example? If you have the initiative, why not start a small business and make use of the Business Start Up grant provided by the United States government. Poverty and struggle do not have to plague your life; you just need a good idea, or the desire to want to obtain an education that will allow you to pursue a career that promises to render a substantial income. Remember that a grant is not a loan. A grant is money given to eligible applicants, and does not need to be paid back at any stage.

Lack of motivation and resources can demoralize many individuals, especially single parents who find themselves having to deal with the demands of raising a child alone without financial or emotional support. Do not spend time feeling demoralized by your situation, instead spend time finding a solution to your problem and be assured that you will find financial assistance if your solution is viable.

The ageless story told by successful companies describes how these companies started with nothing. You too may be starting with nothing, but you will receive assistance, and you can reach your goals if you have the correct perceptions.


Discover more about government assistance for single parents, and then take the next step to becoming a successful individual.