Holidays For Single Parents

Holidays for Single Parents

Are you struggling to keep yourself emotionally put together and available for your child in between all the homework, school activities, extracurricular activities and your own attempt of a social life? Then a family holiday might just be the right thing for you!

Holidays for single parents help to refresh the body and mind from the non – stop tasks that you have to carry out each day. Holidays are also a great way for the family to bond and for the children be shown the full attention of their parent. A child of a single parent can easily feel neglected. This is not due to bad parenting but more to do with the work load that you and many other single parents have to deal with. It can be very challenging for you to juggle all the responsibilities while wanting to spend as much time as possible with your kid.

Holidays for single parents can bridge the gap between parent and child. During this time, you can relax and do what you have wanted to do for a while – bond with your child. No phone calls from the boss, no meetings to attend, no homework to be done.
Not only do you want to have an enjoyable time with your child, but you do also want some time to yourself, and this is a major issue for single parents. When you are on holiday you have no partner, trusted baby sitter or family member to fall back on, and this can make the trip exhausting. Too often single parents return home from a holiday feeling they haven’t had a holiday at all.

There has been a significant growth of single parents in the last couple of years and this has brought along some alternatives to traveling alone as a single parent. Many travel agencies offer tours for single parents accompanied by their children. There are many advantages of going through an agency. The exhausting and stressful procedures of hiring a car, booking a child friendly hotel and organizing activities and excursions are taken out of your hands and done for you. These agencies ensure it is not only enjoyable for the whole family, but also takes the needs of a single parent into consideration. This means you will be surrounded by other single parents and be given the chance to meet new people and socialize a little. They allow for children to be entertained while you can relax.

There are various types of holidays for single parents to choose from. They range from a cruise in the Caribbean, a skiing holiday in Canada, Disney World in Orlando, a relaxing staycation at Laguna Beach hotel, or a road trip to the Grand Canyon, depending on your budget.

Holidays for single parents will not only let you recharge your batteries but will also give you the opportunity to bond with your child. Pack your best cruise luggage and enjoy the experience with your kids. Taking your child somewhere new, full of exciting new experiences and other children to meet and play with is invaluable. It is amazing what a holiday can do!