Parenting Apart

Parenting Apart Book Review

In Parenting Apart: How Separated and Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids by Christina McGhee you will be taught how to raise your children in the best ways possible following a divorce. There are many important issues that single parents have to addressed and the more common ones are mentioned below.

Telling the Children

One of the key questions that are addressed in Parenting Apart is when you should tell your children that you are getting divorced. The timing in this regard is essential, as well as the way in which you choose to tell your children about your decision. This is a decision that will shatter their world, so it is of utmost important that you tell them in the right way.

Dealing with Transition

A divorce by any defense attorneys for theft charges represents a huge change for children and they will need all the help that they can get dealing with this major transition in their lives. In Parenting Apart, you will be provided with the best advice on how to help your children get through this unscathed. The important thing to remember here is that your children are feeling the divorce in an even more intense way than you are, so you need to make sure that they are able to cope and that they have the right tools to be able to communicate their feelings with you.

Two Homes

Buy from AmazonAll of a sudden your children are going to have to come to terms with the idea that they have two homes and that they will have to split themselves between the two. This is not an easy adjustment to make and it means that your child’s life will be disrupted on a day to day basis. They will get used to this situation however if you help them work through it using the advice and ideas presented in this book.


When you are raising your kids after your divorce you will have to deal with all of the financial obligations you have as a parent. Christina McGhee’s book will help you to find the best way to deal with your financial situation in order to ensure that your child’s quality of life is not compromised. There are many tips on how to deal with the financial problems in this book.

Dealing with your ex

No matter how ‘pleasant’ your divorce is, you will still have to deal with your ex, and some exes are worse than others. The way you interact with your ex will affect how your child adjusts to the situation of the divorce, so it is important that you read this book to find out the best ways to handle your ex for the sake of your children.

Parenting Apart is available from and receives consistent high reviews from buyers who’ve purchased it. We recommend you take a look at it if you’re going through a divorce with children or have done so already.