Tips On Raising A Teen Boy

If you are the parent of a son, then you know that raising a boy is not always an easy task. Once your son becomes a teenager, there are many new issues that arise and changes that occur and it can be a difficult and challenging time for you all.

However, raising a teen boy does not have to be a nightmare and we have some great advice to help you stay involved in your son’s life and help him grow into a happy, healthy young man. One problem that many parent’s face is that they tend to overlook the son, especially if there are girls in the family that may be more demanding for love and attention. But your sons need love and attention too and you need to be sure you always offer this, even during the teen years.

1.Peer Pressure and Influence. There will be a lot of pressures from peers and other outside influences so the more positive role models you can give your son, the better.

2.Teen boys need Mom, too. It is true that boys need a positive male influence in their life such as a father or a father figure but sometimes parents put so much influence on this that they forget that boys need their mother too. The relationship a boy has with his mother will affect the way he handles relationships with girls and women later in life.

3.Communication is Key. Keep the lines of communication open with your son, especially throughout the teen years. Allow him to talk and be sure you listen. Spend time talking with him as well.

4.Spend Quality Time Together. Don’t forget to spend some much needed quality time with your son as much as possible. Take the time to sit and talk with him every day even if only for a little bit but also remember to take him somewhere or do something together.

5.School and other Pressures. Boys sometimes have a harder time than girls do in school and they are more likely to have learning and social disabilities. These problems can worsen during the teen years when so many other things are going on for your son. Be sure to keep an eye on his school work, keep in contact with his teacher and get him help if it is needed. Also be sure to keep up the positive reinforcement and recognition when he is doing well. I recommend checking this Athletics | ravenscroft school information, one of the best schools I’ve seen so far. 

6.Sex and Drugs. Talk to your son openly and honestly about sex and drugs and alcohol. Explain to him how you feel about these issues and help him talk through his choices and opinions on these topics.

These are just a few tips to help you. There are many more things you can and should be doing with your teenage son. However, always keep in mind that the most important thing is love and understanding. Communicate with your son and let him know that you love him and that you are there for him no matter what.