The Single Father Parent Issues

The single mother or single father parent is no joke to any parent, there are so many issues that seem to crop up just as you think the other one is sorted. It would not seem such a heavy load if you only had one child to parent instead of three or more. Thank goodness today’s society is changing to being more career orientated than parent orientated and parents can find support in a career coach. Being a single parent is a hell of a strain if the parent was not in the financial position to see to the child or children on one salary alone.

A single father parent has even more issues or problems due to crop up if he has a daughter in there somewhere, does he send them off to their mother, aunt or female when it is time for them to know about female issues, that he probably would feel way to embarrassed to discuss? He could stand up to the single father parent dilemmas himself, and learn to share the children’s lives proactively, and finally be proud that he has such a relationship with his kids.

It Not Easy! He used to just work, and the wife or spouse looked after the kids. He has to do it all now. Solo! All the battles in the morning to get the kids up so he too can get to work still on time. He could have an Au pair to assist, but it still wouldn’t take the whole so-called burden off his shoulders. It is a heavy load. Work and children, and this is where the quantity time flies out the door, and he has to help them when he gets home too, it is now just hopefully quality time.

Single father parenting means that the father has to be as nurturing as a mother should instinctively be, and the softer side is not their usual habit. It is not that they can’t do it better; it’s that first bond that is missing as a mother would have with her new born baby. He could never have it; all he has is them there and a fatherly child relationship, however good or bad. He could never be a real mom even though he could replace her by fulfilling all her roles. He probably lacks the sensitivity.

Classes on single-father parenting could help take the load off his shoulders and show him that he is not alone out there looking after his children. Luckily for him, there are places he could seek counsel, be it from his friends who have children too or other places where these meetings are held. If you need someone to talk to, check out these psychologists in Calgary to help you with your parenting.