Single Parent Baby Books Set You Up To Succeed

Parenting definitely comes easier when it is the second or third child, but for first time parents with no one to turn to for advice, single parent baby books can be invaluable. For the single mom who is pregnant, there are fantastic books that offer advice to the millions of women who go through their pregnancy without the support of the father. The women come from all walks of life, and Arnell Pharr, the author of ‘Pregnant And Alone’, offers this inspirational book, and handles all the concerns of the pregnant, single woman.

Single women many times face the dilemma of deciding whether to keep their baby or give in to the thought of “I’ll place my baby for adoption and they have to face many conflicting opinions that are fired at them. By reading books for single parents you will get different views and be able to weigh up all the pros and cons and make your own choices, and feel happy with your decision. Reading these helpful books is similar to having your own personal counselor in your home.

A Few Excellent Reads On Single Parenting

  • HELP! I’m a Single Mom – by Carol Trahan – an excellent book for single moms who feel overwhelmed, heartbroken and confused. Carol Trahan understands these things and provides encouragement in this book.
  • Who’s in a Family? – by Robert Skutch – a great buy for any single parent with kids under the age of eight.
  • Horton Hatches the Eggby Dr. Seuss – a book about abandonment and overcoming real obstacles and about joy as well.

Single Parenting Baby Books Focus On Your Well-being

These books focus on your happiness and wellbeing and they will give you excellent tips and advice on preparing for a baby. This particular book offers fantastic life-long lessons that can offer the single mom-to-be with hope for facing the birth of her baby on her own. Single parent baby books are always packed with fantastic advice and tips on coping with and caring for your new baby, especially when you are a first time mom or dad.

First time single parents can often do silly things with a new born baby through sheer ignorance, and baby books for single parents can be an excellent guide on getting your baby safely and happily through the first two years. These books will take you, as a single mom or dad, through the different developmental stages of your baby. You will be able to read up on things like nutrition for your baby, how to bath your baby, what to look out for when your baby is restless and crying, how to put your baby to sleep, how to dress your baby and plenty more. Some of the important things these books will advise you on are:

  • how to entertain a baby
  • emotional development of a baby
  • intellectual development of children under two
  • how a child’s development is affected by external factors
  • negative influences of a parent on a child
  • positive parenting and its effect on a baby
  • physical development for a newborn and the first year
  • delayed development in children
  • how to develop imagination in your baby
  • the role of play in the development of a baby
  • speech development in the first two years
  • tooth development in a baby

The first few months with a normal baby can be very trying for a new parent, but when a new baby is born with a problem, it can sometimes seem like the end of the world for single parents and they can easily be plunged into utter despair. Having a baby with Down syndrome for instance can lead to problems with cognitive abilities as well as physical growth. When a single parent learns that their baby has Down syndrome, they often feel even more alone and isolated. ‘Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents’ Guide’ has already helped heaps of new parents come to terms with a Down syndrome baby. The book is helpful because it covers everything needed to raise a child like this, and the book is written in an easy and comfortable style.

Top Down Syndrome Books

  • Fine Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome by Maryanne Bruni is a book which will be a great help for single parents who need answers on how to help babies grow up and be able to help themselves. Single parents appreciate the fact that they book has been written by a mother of a children with Down syndrome. The author explains how Down Syndrome can impact fine motor skills. Dressing and grooming, drawing, holding a pencil and cutting are some of the things you will be able to help your child with.
  • Early Communication Skills in Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents by Libby Kumin is a paperback book which is also for single parents who want to help their Down syndrome child with speech and language skills. The book explain certain characteristics of Down syndrome, such as low muscle tone and hearing loss can make the acquisition of certain skills much slower. The book does an excellent job in preparing parents on what to expect in the years ahead with the Down syndrome child.

Single Parents Also Have Responsibilities

Single parents are just as responsible as two parent homes to raise their children the right way and they can’t expect the teachers to be teaching their kids things that they should be teaching them themselves. The environment a child grows up in will play an important role in their development. Training a child should start early and Single Parent Baby Books will provide single parents with the most basic information on raising a baby and building a bond between the child and the parent.

There are many single parents who want to blame their circumstances for not being able to take proper care of their children. They say poverty and depression prevent them from taking care of their children, but even in these particular circumstances, help is always at hand. There are church groups and charity groups who will be only too glad to lend a helping hand and be able to give you a quality second hand baby book for you to refer to, with three locations in Houston, you have a bible church nearby almost anywhere. No matter where you live, there are always resources in your state to help you get by in raising children on your own. Financial assistance programs are available from the government, as well as private organizations. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program is available to help you with basic needs. Also, there are a number of re-sell stores in your area for great bargains like the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

You Are Not Alone

If you as a single parent feel that you are facing bringing up a baby on your own, it can be comforting to know you are not alone, because according to information from the US census website, there are some 12.5 million female single-parent households, and 4 million male single parent households. You can always check out their website at for more interesting information. Many of these single parents, like you, have made use of Single Parent Baby Books for tips on making life smarter and faster with a new baby. These books are written by experienced and expert writers who know exactly what you are going through. When you read these books you will quickly see that single parenting certainly has its rewards and you will learn things that will make you capable of doing things for your baby that you never dreamed possible.

Some e-Books Can Be Downloaded Free Of Charge

The age of computers has meant there is no excuse for not having all the information you need at your fingertips. Yes, single parenting can be very challenging, but it can also be wonderful. There are many parents like you who are eager to find out how to handle the challenges of single parenting. Did you know that there are also e-books for single parents on how to raise children? Jody Johnston Pawel has written an e-book on single parenting after doing heaps of research on the topic. This e-book will help you feel understood and will provide you with helpful tips for handling all the common issues that single parents experience.

The fantastic thing about some of these e-books is that you can download them free of charge. is one such resource, providing you with the means to have access to useful information on being a single parent. is another excellent resource for being able to read books online about single parenting. Single parents will be able to read books that will help them with all the parenting issues experienced by other single parents. The authors of these books understand too well how babies and particularly toddlers can test even the most caring and patient parent. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare yourself for a new life entirely different to one without a child in your life. You don’t need to feel that you are inadequate. No-one starts off with all the skills to be a fantastic parent; you learn along the way, and fortunately new parents of today have heaps of resources to equip them for this awesome responsibility of raising decent and responsible children.

The Conclusion

You cannot deny the fact that parenting is a responsible and overwhelming task when you are two parents, let alone when you are a single parent. Being a solo mom or dad can be a far tougher job than the one you go to each day. There is good news though; you are not alone, because inside each of these single parenting books, you will get all the practical solutions you need for facing each day with tips and help for meeting your baby son or daughter’s needs each day. Single Parent Baby Books offer plenty of encouragement for moms or dads who will be carrying this load on their own. The books will provide answers and will offer practical, proactive advice to help you guide your kids through growing up without a second parent. If you are alone in the world, these books can be your support system, a trusted friend in times of need.

Single parents face unique challenges in raising kids on their own, and many times, especially when you move and find yourself in a new environment, there are limited networks and support from family and friends, but then the next best resource is to look at the wonderful guidance books can provide; a constant companion for each day.