The Top 10 Baby Products To Buy

Top Baby Products

If you are expecting a baby, you may have noticed that there are tons of items at your local store for you to buy, but how do you pick which are the best? And how do you get everything you need without breaking the bank? Don’t trust in the opinions of salespeople, who are just trying to make a sale, and don’t trust in the opinions of friends. What they needed for their baby may not necessarily be what you need for yours. Instead, follow this guideline of the ten best baby items to buy when you’re expecting.

Before using this guide, you will need to have some of the basics on hand, which you can get from any baby store. A good sales clerk, or a nurse should be able to give you a list of what to buy for baby. Some of the standards include a crib, bottles and bottle nipples, clothes and blankets and of course, a stroller or pram. Some of these items have been repeated below, but this is to emphasize the variations that are currency available.

1: Humidifier


Whether it is winter or summer, whether the weather is dry or humid, and whether your baby has respiratory problems or not, it is always a good idea to buy a humidifier for baby’s room. For children who are sick, this is a must have, but even for the healthy ones, a humidifier can help them breathe more easily through the night, and you will have much less to worry about. When selecting a humidifier, make sure you pick one from a reputable manufacturer that you know you can trust. It may cost a little more, but it will be worth it. If you want to avoid the unit leaking, or spitting out hot water, ensure you look for a humidifier that is good quality and that has an accreditation sticker on it. Some organizations dealing in products for babies will certify them as safe and reliable.

Also, try to put only natural oils into your humidifier. You can ask at any health shop or aromatherapist’s office for oils that will help; your baby sleep or help your baby breathe better. When applying the oils, shake just one or two drops into the water of the humidifier. Try to judge how long your baby needs the machine on for. It may be all night, or for just the first few hours of sleep.


2: Baby Wrap

Baby Wrap
A baby wrap is a very special type of product since it can be used as a blanket, a wrap or a jacket. If you are looking for the best baby wrap to get, look for one that is fleece, since that will keep baby warm at all times. If you plan to use the wrap in the summertime, look for one that is cotton, so that you can keep the baby warm without having him or her overheat. Also important is getting a wrap that is hypoallergenic. Because you have not yet established what baby may be sensitive to, it makes sense to ensure there are no fibers that may cause them respiratory distress.

Getting your baby a shaped baby wrap is also a good idea, since you can then use it when your baby is in his or her car seat. You simply strap the baby in and then close up the wrap around them, without having to wake the baby. Baby wraps are very easy to transport, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go and they may quickly become favorites with your baby.


3: Breastfeeding Cushion

Breastfeeding Cushion

True, a breastfeeding cushion is more for you than it is for your baby, but if your baby is warm and comfortable, it will make it a lot easier at feeding time. When you begin breastfeeding, you may notice that it is difficult to keep your baby and yourself comfortable, while still holding a bottle and trying to get the baby to latch. However, if you buy a breastfeeding cushion, you can rest baby’s head on, you will find it a lot easier and a lot more comfortable to complete your breastfeeding sessions. Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding, this is a good item to have since you can use it to prop up your baby’s head. It also ensures that both of you are comfortable for the full duration of the feeding session, even if it runs for over an hour.

Ensure that you get a pillow that is made of hypoallergenic materials and that uses a comfortable substance to prop up baby’s head correctly.


4: Highchair


The best highchair currently on the market is one that comes with a newborn set or attachment. With this chair, your baby gets to be a part of the family and it is much easier to make the transition from baby chair to adult chair. It also encourages good posture and will help baby get used to sitting up. With the newborn attachment you can keep baby at the table from the first time you bring them home. Of course, you won’t be able to feed them in this position, but it makes for a nice alternative from putting baby on the floor.


5: Crib


Comfortable cribs are few and far between and you may find yourself searching for hours upon end and going from store to store to find the right crib. Some people opt for old-fashioned cribs such as the ones people had even 50 years ago, while others prefer ultra modern cribs. No matter what type you get, ensure that you get the necessary accessories for it too, including the crib barrier and a mobile. The barrier will make the edges of the crib soft, preventing your baby from hurting themselves, while the mobile will provide hours of entertainment for baby, so that they stay calm.


6: Baby Carriage

Also called a pushchair, pram or stroller, this device allows you to take baby wherever you need to go. More and more parents are opting for jogging strollers that allow them to exercise with the baby in tow. However, any stroller will do as long as the wheels are steady and it allows you to transport baby smoothly and safely. They may be expensive, so be sure to choose one that suits your budget too.

The baby carriage you choose should also have a lot of compartments. You will need a place to put your diaper bag, extra bottles and even dirty diapers until you can throw them away. It makes sense to buy a stroller with a shade or awning, so that you can cover your baby’s face while you are outside, and prevent them from getting sunburn. These days, baby carriages also come with restraints that look like seatbelts and keep your child in the stroller, so you won’t have to worry about them wandering away.


7: Bath Support

Bath Support

One of the best items to get your baby is an in-bath tub that allows you to wash them as needed. This special contraption is smaller and more shallow than your normal bath and reduces the risk of baby falling or of accidental drowning. These usually come with no slip grips to ensure that your baby is safe at all times.

Many parents like to get their kids bath toys such as duckies and other fun paraphernalia to keep them entertained while the bath is going, and to allay their fears of the strange sensations of water and being washed. Many parents also give their babies a baby bubble bath to ensure that their babies are fresh and clean. Make sure that when you are done with baby’s bath, that you have a soft towel to wrap your baby in.


8: Travel Crib

Travel Crib

The travel crib is a very handy tool that you can take with you on long trips. If you are staying away from your home, you will need a place for baby to sleep and the travel crib provides just that in a safe and compact bundle. Travel cribs often come in the form of a car seat. They are attached to the car seat mount and you can simply unclip the travel crib when it is time to go. It is better to have your baby sleeping near you in a travel crib than in the actual bed with you.


9: The Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier

Many parents are becoming more and more familiar with the baby carrier, a device that allows you to rest baby in what is essentially a pouch hanging in the front of your body. This pouch is great for new babies and on short trips, you can carry baby wherever you go without having to set them down. There are many different types of carriers, and you should find a baby carrier that feels comfortable to you.


10: Toy Or Safety Blanket

When your baby is growing up, they will need an item that belongs just to them. By giving them a designated toy or a safety blanket that they can keep near, they feel more comfortable and this will make mealtimes, nap time and even play times less dramatic and more peaceful. This is an item that they keep as they grow up and that will be their go-to item when they are feeling confused or upset.

Everyone will tell you when it comes to items for your baby that help them through the first few years of their life, there are certain things that you simply must have. However, you need to understand that every baby is different and thus will have different needs. If you do buy something that your baby doesn’t like, you may have to discard it practically unused. And if you buy something that you don’t really like, he chances are that your baby won’t like it either.

Stick to the basics when it comes to buying new things for your baby and if you then decide that you want to buy extra items, browse through a few stores and look for what appeals to you, and what you can realistically afford. If you see something that you do want to buy but it is out of your price range, take a few months to save for it. If after a few months you don’t really need it, you will have saved yourself money.

Making A List

Ensure that you think through everything that you need for your baby. Sit down and make a list of all the things that you need and then go to your favorite store and price them. You may notice that some of the items are not just luxuries, but out of your price and as such, you really don’t need them. Once your baby has grown out of the things you have bought for them, don’t throw them away. Instead make a trade list and write down everything you need and everything you want give away. Then go online and see what people can trade for the items you already have. This could save you a lot of trouble when it is time to buy new baby items.

You will get a lot advice when it comes to buying items for your baby but this is not advice you have to take on board if you have a choice. Instead, only purchase the things that you are really confident that you will need. Don’t waste money on things that you more than likely won’t need. Instead, prioritize the things you will definitely need such as baby bottles and a stroller. It is much easier to plan the things that you need and consider whether or not to buy them, than it is to return items. If possible, make a baby shower list so that your friends can give you the things you will really need for your baby, rather than endless clothes and baby blankets. In doing this, you will also save money and be able to save up for the bigger things you need.