Quality Time with Cheap Summer Holidays For Single Parents

cheap summer holidays for single parents

Choosing a suitable destination for the summer holidays as a single parent can be a bit challenging, in spite of there being a wide variety of different geographical locations in which you and your children can have an adventurous holiday.

Teenagers would definitely feel that without a games room or a social communal center they can’t have a good holiday, while smaller children might be appalled at the idea of a holiday destination without a swimming pool. Cheap summer holidays for single parents require careful planning to see what each destination can offer you and your children. By doing some research on the Internet for cheap holidays you will see that there are brilliant single parent offers on selected holidays for you to take advantage of.

Parents know only too well that an expensive holiday is not always the solution to fun; and that it is more about being together and having fun. They have discovered that there are many cheap family holidays to be had on a limited budget. There is no denying the fact that planning a holiday and deciding where to go is the fun part. Looking through travel magazines together or gathering around the computer while you look for holidays all contribute to building up holiday fever.

It will be difficult for you and your kids to concentrate on work and school with an exciting holiday just a few weeks away, and in the few days before your exciting getaway, there will be a lot to be done, and when the time comes and everything is ready and loaded, it will be the time to hit the road.

Where did the Idea of Holidays for Single Parents Come From?

The entire concept of single parent holidays originated in the United States, when in the 1970’s the holidays were arranged for women and children of soldiers and marines who were away from home. This was later extended to include women and children of men who were doing time in prison. The 1980’s saw a drastic increase in divorces and suddenly the demand for single parent holidays began to spiral upwards to such an extent that the idea caught on in Europe and the U.K.

Documentation for Over the Border Getaways

You often hear about parental abductions, where a parent steals a child when the other parent is not around and makes off to another country. This has made border officials more cautious when they come across a child traveling with just one parent. It simply means that if you are intending to have a holiday with your children in another state, have a letter of authorization from the absent parent who gives permission.

Family Travel Forum offers an online form which you can actually print out as a ‘permission to travel’ letter. The US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs will also tell you which documents you will need to travel to certain countries. Crossing between Canada and the US requires single parents to carry copies of the legal child custody agreements. For minors, you must carry ID documentation for each child, like their birth certificates for instance.

Camping as a Cheap Way for Having Loads of Fun

Camping is always a popular activity with kids, and in summer time you couldn’t ask for a cheaper way to have a fun filled getaway, especially if you head out to an area known for a good climate so that the kids can enjoy fun activities outdoors. Camping can be a great adventure that’s fun and relaxing but only when you have the proper gear.

Do research on the camp site before you head out because you don’t want to get there to find out that there is no hot water and dirty ablution blocks. Remember that camp and trailer sites are extremely popular with local and international tourists and can fill up very quickly. If you don’t have your own trailer, don’t let that put you off this type of holiday, you can rent one. Everybody realizes that you can have a wonderfully cheap summer holiday with camping, and there is nothing like getting back to nature. Yes, you may not be surrounded by your creature comforts, but as a single parent, you and your kids will have the experience of your life, as a lack of these comforts could lead to stronger bonding.

Farm Holidays Popular with Everyone

Cheap Summer Holidays for Single ParentsThere are holiday planning experts who specialize in providing a variety of true value single parent holidays, and apart from these fantastic camping and outdoor breaks, there are also great farm holidays, that especially appeal to you as a single parent if your kids are younger.

Farm accommodation is always great fun for the kids. Sometimes you can find very reasonably priced self catering holiday accommodation where single parents can enjoy comfort and a relaxed atmosphere while the kids will relish the freedom to simply explore the countryside, to walk, fish and bike. Some places will even allow you to bring your dogs too. Kids love to listen to your stories of when you were growing up, and staying in timber cottages, using wood burning stoves and sleeping in a barn for the night will help in making your stories come alive.

Some of these holiday planning companies, when you join them, provide you with huge savings on their holiday offers. They offer a fantastic choice of off the beaten track budget holidays for all tastes.

There are Places that Cater Specifically for Singles

You may think that one parent trips will present problematic issues like how will your holiday be priced, especially when most places base their prices on two paying adults, and you may also be worrying about how your children will feel if they have to holiday with two parent families. In this modern day and age, single parents are becoming more the norm, and holiday planning companies offer venues that cater for single parents in the same way they cater for two parent holidays.

There is no need as a single parent to stress about having to mingle with married couples because there are many single parent tours, and what’s more, many of them offer promotions which means great holidays at next to nothing prices.

Single Parent Travel is an organization that caters for single parents and is a fantastic resource for advice. You will find outstanding travel and parenting tips, news on single parents trips, interesting newsletters and much more. At no cost, their newsletter will keep you up to date on general travel information, current trips and their prices, and plenty more useful information. They have a ‘trip section’ and you and your kids will be able to find and plan the ideal trip, whether the trips are short action packed weekends away together or longer trips and tours. Not only that, if you are not able to join them on the trips listed, they will be more than happy to plan a special trip for you and your children.

Tips for Looking for Cheap Holidays

If single parents are looking for ways to have good holidays that will not break the bank, there are always some tips that will help. Some of them are:

  • look out for those all-inclusive packages which mean a one-price package which will include things like accommodation and meals included. Some holiday destination will offer discounts which attract holiday makers during off-peak travel seasons.
  • travel off-peak – if your children are not in school yet, you can take really cheap family holidays by traveling during off-peak times, when schools are open. By planning your timing, you can get reduced holiday deals not only accommodation but other things too.
  • keep your eyes open for travel deals – by looking on the Internet or going to your local travel agency, you can find out about cheap package deals. Sometimes these deals will include things like a free extra night or a dinner ticket.
  • last minute travel offers – lots of holiday places offer last minute specials which come about because of rooms that haven’t been booked out.
  • book self catering as opposed to B&Bs or hotels – by preparing your own meals and having plenty of barbecues, you can rope your kids in with the cooking of simple meals and have fun while keeping the cost of eating down. While lavish hotel meals are wonderful, they are certainly not necessary and you can get by with far simpler meals that are also much healthier.


As a single parent you may be battling with ideas for a wonderful summer holiday, and of course financial constraints may be what’s holding you back from planning one in the first place. Joining a single parents group will certainly put you in touch with other parents in the same boat as you and this is a great way to share ideas for holidays.

There really are a huge range of travel opportunities for cheap summer holidays for single parents where you can glean information and book exactly the right type of Jettly flights, train rides and boat rips to places that live up to your needs. These holiday organizers provide organized excursions that have been designed with single parents in mind, allowing you not only meet new single parents but also to enjoy shared experiences. There are so many amazing experiences to be had with your children, and looking for cheap, budget holidays is one way to have a whole lot of fun without breaking the bank.