How To Help Your Pregnant Friend

Pregnancy Help

If you have a pregnant friend or family member, take out a few moments over the next nine months to help out the mother-to-be and see if you can’t offer her a helping hand and encouragement when she needs it the most, while if they don’t have time to clean you also hire efficient commercial cleaning as these will help them a lot. It is simple to offer assistance to a mom on overload even when your career is in full swing; you just have to be creative! Below are some ideas of how you can give your pregnant friend or sister a break!

Help for a Pregnant Friend

Offer to prepare a meal for her and her family. Often in the early stages of a pregnancy, the pregnancy symptoms, أعراض الحمل make her feel nauseous and just want to lie down and rest. Cooking a meal for the family would make her life much easier. She won’t have to stand in front of the stove and cook for her children and husband, but can rather relax and not worry about feeding her other child. Pregnancy can really tire a woman out, and a little gesture is greatly appreciated. Offer a bath bomb for pregnancy that can help her ease muscle pain and lessen stress while pregnant.

Hire a carpet cleaning service and offer to baby-sit for a few hours so the expecting couple can go out for a romantic dinner without all of the little villains in tow. The expectant couple will be happy for the break and you will be able to learn a few things about parenting that you may need to know one day.

Call your pregnant friend and tell her a maid service is hers twice a week for a month or two, click here to go on Fresh Maids House Deep Cleaning to book the appointment.

You can line everything up and pay the service so your friend can enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation during her pregnancy.

Offer to throw your friend a baby shower. Ask her who she would like to invite and plan it around a day she feels she has enough energy for an afternoon of socializing with her friends. Find out whether she would like to have at home or at her favorite restaurant. You can also find out what she needs for the baby’s arrival and set up a gift registry.

Pick up the kids one day for a day out at the park or take them all to ToysRUs or Kaybee Toys for a special treat. Top it off with a visit to TCBY or Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Even a couple hours alone will be appreciated by the mom who needs more rest now that she is expecting again!

Send your pregnant friend or sister to the day spa for the day. There are certain massages a pregnant woman can receive which are therapeutic and relaxing as well as much needed. Set it up and then go one step further and make yourself available to baby-sit while the mom-to-be is being pampered. You can let the mom go to a nail salon and get a gel polish nail with a brush on builder gel, which can add some style to nails.

If you know your friend is on bed rest or will be soon, then take her a stack of newly released books and movies. Include best sellers and books from Oprah’s book club. If her bed needs to be replaced because it’s uncomfortable, you can buy her a new one from TV Bed Store so she can watch TV in bed all day whilst enjoying the soft embrace of her mattress.

If you are the type of person who likes to get your hands dirty, do some gardening for her. Not only will the mom-to-be appreciate the help but so will the dad-to-be. You can mow the lawn or use the weed-eater. Whichever one you like to do or be a sport and do both for the expectant parents!

There are so many ways you can help out the parents who have their hands full with more responsibilities approaching. Just be creative and enjoy lending a helpful hand (or two) to your very pregnant friend!