Morning Sickness Remedies To Help The Suffering Mother

Morning Sickness Remedies

Is your morning sickness driving you crazy? There are numerous morning sickness remedies to help you feel like a normal person again. But first, here is a little food for thought before you get too bent out of shape about having morning sickness. The following is just something for you to be aware of and perhaps to discuss with your doctor before taking it into serious consideration.

Morning sickness will happen to many pregnant women each and every year. However, it can be minimized and possibly even cut in half if you begin to watch your diet as soon as you discover a baby is on the way.

A Few Morning Sickness Remedies to Try Out

  • The best morning sickness remedy is to try not to eat past six in the evening and try to stay away from spicy foods which will usually retaliate the next morning during pregnancy.
  • Tomato based pastas are often difficult on the pregnant mom-to-be and when the baby is on board, you need to look out for the things which can quickly upset your stomach.
  • Try taking your prenatal vitamins later in the day. Pregnancy Plus prenatal vitamins are smaller in size and are less likely to upset your stomach. You may also want to consider taking your prenatal vitamin at night before you go to bed to give it a chance to be absorbed overnight.
  • Avoid warm areas as heat can worsen your nausea.
  • Make sure to take naps during the day, but not after eating. Tiredness plays a big role in morning sickness.
  • Another morning sickness remedy women swear by is ginger. Ginger has long been associated with alleviating nausea and you can take it in a capsule of 250mg, by chewing on crystallized ginger, drinking ginger teat or sucking on hard ginger candies.
  • Try to avoid having an empty stomach. Often, you will wake up from horrible nausea because you do not have anything in your stomach. To help this, you may want to eat smaller portions throughout the day ensuring you always have something in your stomach.
  • The smell of peppermint can help overcome nausea. Fill a large bowl of hot water, place two drops of peppermint or parasympathetic essential oil into the bowl, and place it on a table near your bed. Alternatively, bend over the bowl with your face close to the water and put a towel over you – covering your head and the bowl. This will let all the aroma steam into your face.
  • Some pregnant women find that eating bland carbohydrates just as plain crackers, rice crackers or toast helps alleviate morning sickness.
  • Eat protein often, such as nuts, lean red meat, eggs and beans.
  • While different foods have different effects on women suffering from morning sickness, the unanimous agreement is that onion, garlic, and acidic fruits and vegetables will worsen your nausea.